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Hey folks, itīs me!

My name is Jens Friedrich.

Who I am:Iīm 52 years old.
NetworkadMINIstrator/IT-Specialist at the BAHN-BKK Head Office in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

My Companyīs Homepage: BAHN-BKK

I live in Baden-Baden, a town in the blackforest with a roman thermal spa.
Thatīs also the town of my favorite radiostation SWR 3.

I like music and Iīm an enthusiastic Biker
(no hardcore driver, just for fun).
My great passion is cooking, no nouvelle cuisine, but my girlfriend likes it.
I also like to eat good food and france is very near.
Link to adresses from some of my favorite restaurants.
My favorite CD, in the moment.

This is the link to the eventspage!!!!!!!

My favorite soccerclub is the 1. FC Kaiserslautern (for many american soldiers known as K-Town).

Link to the FCK-Soccer-Server.The German Bundesliga.

When you have any question, write an e-mail to webmaster(at)

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Iīm supporting the Campaign for free speech in the Internet.